Jetlagged (km 320, BKK airport-Kui Buri)

After felt 24h of traveling yesterday morning we arrived in Bangkok. Tired but happy.
Once we got our car, the adventure began. Literally. Try reading road signs in Thai! And here they drive like in Britain, on the wrong side of the road. We drove 5h out of Bangkok an it felt like the city never ends. For all the time there were businesses left and right of the road, but traffic was decent.
We obviously forgot to get cash from an ATM, and only found out when entering the toll road. The guy said: “cash or top up card.” We had neither. First pleasant surprise in friendly thailand: another girl at the toll road counter let us on the motorway for free once she understood our situation.

At approx 2pm we got so tired that driving started to get complicated. The resort and hotel search began. The area around Cha’am was not nice and then w sighted skyscrapers on the beach. A clear sign to drive on. Another hour later, south of Hua Hin, we found a nice resort: fully booked. Not good. But we got a recommendation for another “small place 30 km” further south.
We’re not sure if the place we found was the recommended one, but we found exactly what we needed. A little too stylish maybe, called X2 resort. But quiet, chic, with pool (the sea looked not too clean in the afternoon), outdoor shower (desperately needed!). See for yourself.