Xmas breakfast

Khao Sok, 25.12.2012
We woke up late thinking it was raining heavily outside, but then remembered the river and opening the door to the veranda we got greeted by sunshine, the jungle, the river – and a family of 5 baboons coming up the river. Directly to our huts! They checked ours, but had no luck. Then the neighbors, and came back to ours. Video to be posted later.
Today everything is open. We did not get a night in the first tree huts we checked, so it’s back on the road and let’s see what we find today. But only after a very late breakfast, that reminded us of Spain since I had sandwiches with tortilla (omlette with tomato) and salsa brava (spicy chili sauce).
Internet is down since yesterday in the whole village. So we cannot research, check the map, upload our last posts, read the news and many other usual things. Another thing to learn, there is/was an offline world that we seem to have lost. Strange feeling.