Tsunami memorial day

Kho Kho Khao, 26.12.2012
Today 8 years ago Helena and I landed in Bangkok for the first time. While we flew in from Teheran a tsunami hit several countries in the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea, leaving 250.000 people dead. We had the luck to come late, since we wanted to visit exactly the area that got struck by the disaster. Today we sit on a beach that on that day got hit. The woman then rents us our bungalow lost her daughter that day in Khao Lak, a young Thai dance teacher. We saw a resort that got destroyed today. The area is full of tsunami shelters, warning signs, memorials. Today we think of this moment 8 years ago. I’ll not leave any cheesy comments now. We just feel for the people, Thai and foreign, that lost someone that day.


Ok, to give this a little Thai twist, we just come from a party to commemorate the tsunami victims. Lots of good food, Thai dance, 1 minute of silence. Then: “life goes on” and disco all night long with plenty of alcohol! I finally heard the YouTube download song from the Korean guy (at least ten times) and all other current dorfdisco chart hits, including a Spanish one (kuduro).
At least we sent some Thai lanterns into the sky with our wishes.