Race (km 1530, Kho Kho Khao-Phuket-Klong Muang Beach)

Klong Muang Beach, 28.12.2012
Am tired, short post. Great thai breakfast on the road, noodles and rice, both with pork, 70 thb.
Today we checked Phuket. Interesting, nothing exciting on the island. We expected more tourist rip-off. But probably that gets visible only at night. And our discovery wasn’t thorough enough. But for once I don’t think this is a problem.
We saw Emina and Haris for lunch, after quite some time Helena met friends in this place.
Unfortunately we left so late we couldn’t find a good place to stay in the dark. Tonight we stay at at Pine Bungalows, a basic place on the beach (500 thb/night). Too tired to look for more. At least the people in the restaurant seem much more normal westerners than any we have seen so far, a fun mix of young and old and no hippies. And the food is the best in any accommodation we had so far. And the place is right on the beach. Tomorrow morning we’ll discover if it’s top or flop. Good night.