Reading day on Pan Beach

Pan Beach, 30.12.2012
This morning I woke up at 03:38 and it was raining. I could hear the water dropping on the roof, the sound woke me up. I woke up a second time at 06:50, it was still raining. So I took the book I started reading on Kho Kho Khao and went on the veranda. It was quiet outside, the rain pouring down nonstop. Enough light to read though.
Kerouac’s Big Sur is a crazy book. The author is crazy, ok, but while I remember being addicted to On The Road, this one is tougher. There are passages of alcoholic, drunk delirium. And I’m not talking about a couple of drinks too much firing up a party, this is about a man being eaten up inside physically and mentally by alcohol abuse over a long time. I already stopped drinking Thai rum these days, after reading this book I hope I’ll take it easy also in the future 😉
It rained the entire morning, dust came up from the jungle mountains on the right of the beach. You could see the rings of the raindrops in the calm sea. In principle not too bad, since the temperature has chilled to much more enjoyable levels (yesterday it was so hot I could have taken a shower every half hour). And the weather forced everybody to do nothing, gather in the restaurant hut, enjoy breakfast, read/play/check their mobile phone. A scene of silence and tranquility.

The sea in front of the huts sounds like a motorway for Thai boats all day, since the early hours. I’m wondering where the hell all these boats go to and if they all must pass in front of our beach!

We spent the whole day reading in the end. And checking our next route to Ko Lanta. And starting to read for our next trip. And then google-mapping. And suddenly a wonderful idea was born. Crazy but wonderful, a real adventure…