2013 year of change, we salute you

Koh Lanta, 31.12.2012
Tonight we say farewell of the old 2012 and welcome new 2013.
2012 has been a tough year for me, my job took all my energy and attention and in the end big disappointment was the result. Bitterness, frustration, desperation, isolation.
No wonder 2013 is very welcome. It’s supposed to be a year of change, finally, and in many senses, not just the job.
So we said farewell to the old year with a show organized by the resort. This sounds sooooooo cheesy I can’t believe we did this! But yes, we did it, and also enjoyed it. Food was ok (although we would have enjoyed every decent Thai eatery 1000 times more), alcohol so so, show funny. I won a cooking course during one of the games, a really funny one actually that kept me sweating for 1 hour. And then we went for a walk on the beach for the last hour. Lying in the sand, looking at the stars and the moon, listening to the sea and the jungle we ventured into 2013, before the obligatory round of phone calls to our families started.

To everybody reading, since we’re no big fans of 1000 mails and SMS: happy new year. May 2013 be a great year for you. And don’t forget your wishes for this new year. You need something to dream, to long about.