Next beach please (km 1820, Pan Beach-Koh Lanta)

Koh Lanta, 31.12.2012
After a day chilling and waiting for the weather to change the time had come to move to Koh Lanta, where we had 3 nights booked at a place Helena found. In the morning we left at 08:30 and moved fast. On the road we stopped at a local market in a small town. What a place! Food stands with a lot of fried stuff, fruit, vegetables, fish (dead or alive), seafood, meat, poultry, spices. But also textiles and other stuff. We bought some presents and sexy pants for Kena 😉
Before we leaving we tried the fried food and it is great!!! Fish balls, chicken balls, crab cakes, egg wontons, fish cakes, shrimps, spring rolls. And pineapple, watermelon, green mango, papaya.
We got so hungry by just standing there and watching choosing what to eat. And while Helena ordered the fruit I tried the fired stuff and almost ate it all, so we went back and bought more. The women smiled at us farangs going crazy for her food!

With our precious purchases back in the car we continued our voyage, I drove while Helena fed us with delicacies. My new Superdry polo shirt got well spilled with spicy sauce and oil on its first time on. But who cares on the road…

It took us 2 ferries to Koh Lanta Yai, the second island. And then we missed a turn and got lost on the wrong side of the island, driving around the jungle roads. But who cares if a) you’re in no hurry and b) you already have a place to stay and don’t need to search.

Then finally we found La Laanta, the last resort before the national park that has no sign on the road and is hard to find. To my big surprise (I’m suspicious of resorts somehow) the place is amazing. Not only modern and clean, but also furnished with taste in a minimalist style. But much more importantly, the beach is fantastic (big enough for walks, good in any tide, nice waves, clean).

The rest of the day we slept, and got ready for the new year’s eve show.