Rainy day through Africa

Koh Lanta, 03.02.2012
Waking up yesterday it rained. It’s not the first rain in the morning so we had a coffee and a book waiting for it to stop. At 10:15 it was still raining and we went for our last chance for breakfast. We met Giorgia and Luigi there, an Italian couple we got to know during the New Year’s Eve dinner that we spent also the evening before chatting. They gave us good tips for Bangkok.
It kept raining, and we had to leave our bungalow. So we went packing, checked out, put the stuff into the car. Helena had some stuff to do for work, so I went reading at the bar. After Kerouac’s booze trip I started another book recommended by Mr. Wit, Jupiter’s Travels (link in the blog roll on the right), by a guy called Ted Simon that in the seventies did a four year tour of the world on a Triumph bike. 60.000 miles from London around the globe. Fantastic reading! (And by the way, this is the first book I read on the iPad. Great device. And it has the “define” function that explains words I don’t fully understand.)
So yesterday, while the rain washed the roof of the bar thoroughly all day long I read almost all the Africa chapter. It’s a fascinating book, for the story, the idea and the fact that this guy left his civilized London journalist life for a crazy trip around a world pretty different then ours is today. Different in the sense of primitive, undeveloped, wild, unconquered in much bigger parts then it is today. And he drove, on a bike, alone. Love that!

Shortly before mosquito time we changed to our new bungalows down the beach (La Laanta had no more nights for us so we found a much more basic hut next door). Then off to the village to rob the bank, shopping for Kena, Seven Eleven and another stop at the food stand we enjoyed a lot some days before.
We had dinner at a place on the beach Giorgia had recommended, bamboo bay. Good food, but full of German “Ökos” in their forties. Not really our kind of guys. And then back on the road through Africa, drinking rum while driving the bike from one adventure to the next before the eyes fell asleep.