B2B (km 2780, back to Bangkok)

Bangkok, 05.01.2013
Today we drove back from Koh Lanta to Bangkok, 870 km, in 12:20 hours. The first 1:30 we spent to get to the mainland, taking the 2 car ferries from Koh Lanta and getting only 50 km done. The last 1:30 we entered Bangkok city, also doing no more then 30-40 km. The rest of the trip went smooth, not too much traffic, good weather but not too hot, no crazy stuff on the road. Apart from the usual scooters, tuk tuks, cars, trucks coming on your lane in the opposite direction, trucks taking a u-turn and blocking the entire road while you approach at full speed, completely overloaded trucks and pickups that also love to drive at 70-80 km/h on the right lane, pedestrians crossing the road spontaneously, all kinds of animals living along the roadside and people stopping and getting back on the road whenever and wherever. You get used to it, and although these guys drive on the wrong side of the road here in Thailand I had the feeling to be at home, overtaking constantly on the left side 😉 The motorway is more kind of a slalom. And how I missed the Mini here! He would have made our journey so much more comfortable, quick and fun.
But ok, we arrived at our fantastic hotel and are now chilling, preparing tomorrow and the bags for the flight back, enjoying the river panorama.

Tomorrow we take a tour of the city, some shopping and some eating, before at 17:30 we have to drive to the airport. Good night folks.