Landed in Madrid

Madrid, 07.01.2013
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We’ll soon be landing in Madrid where the weather is cloudy and local temperature about zero degrees. I hope you enjoyed this blog from Madrid to Bangkok and further south through the Thai jungle until the beaches of Kho Khao, Pan Beach, Koh Lanta and back to Bangkok. Our cruising speed has varied over the last two weeks, so have our excitement levels, from adventure to chilling in the sun. I hope you enjoyed our multimedia, almost real time entertainment program from all stops and if you wish to investigate any particular place or event further just drop us a note and we will reply to you shortly with the necessary clarifications and additional material in word or picture.
On behalf of Ms Helena and myself I’d like to thank you for your attention, it was a pleasure to have you on board with us. We would be happy to see you again on one of our next adventures to a still not clearly decided destination. Until that moment sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of your reading.