Morocco 2014 – Prep Work

Barcelona (06.04.2014)

Inspired by Raid Pandemonium and some other people that have been travelling there recently, I’ve decided to take a week off for Semana Santa (aka Easter) and tour Morocco. I first visited the country in 2005-2006, renting a car in Rabat and taking a 2 week tour around a lot of places between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This time I’ll take my Mini there, and will check out the places I didn’t see last time.

Also, in these last months I’ve felt the “Fernweh” a lot. This quite unique German word describes the longing for distant places, a frequent weekend feeling here in Barcelona in recent times. On a rainy saturday morning, while watching the pics and videos from Eurasia2013, I got the old Lonely Planet guide out, found a Michelin map, and started to plan the tour. While going through the various possible stops and sights to see, I went further and further south until I reached Western Sahara, a desert land disputed by Morocco and Mauretania. The more I read about it, the more I got curious. It’s quite a stretch to get there considering I have just 10 days, 2 of which will be spent on motorways in Spain. But I’ll try.

So here I am, a couple of days to take off, preparing the things to take. Big learning from Eurasia2013: take almost nothing (keep the car light and empty). Risk: to want to do too many things at a time, to worry about all possible (and impossible) incidents. Solution: pack and drive! Tic-tac tic-tac… the countdown has started.

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  1. Hombre!

    We had some problems when finding ATM´s to get cash, it’s not a bad idea to bring enough €€ or dirhams (exchange offices area easier to find, even in hotels rates are fine if you want to exchange €!


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