Morocco 2014

During Easter 2014 I took a tour around Morocco with my Mini. In 2005-2006 I had already toured Morocco by car and came back with memories of an amazing landscape. This time I visited pretty much all places I skipped last time, and wanted to see how far south I managed to get in the short time available. Also, it was a little escape back to the road 😉

All pics can be found on Flickr here, Videos on Youtube coming.


In all I spent 10 days on the road, covering some 6.486km (of which 2.290km were in Spain between Barcelona and Tarifa back and forth). It was a lot of fun, and I hope to get back there again soon, hopefully with an offroad vehicle to explore places beyond the tarred roads.

Some pics from the last Morocco trip (december 2005-january 2006).

DSC02446 DSC02866

DSC02845 DSC02771 DSC02722

DSC02694 DSC02897DSC02668 DSC02982 DSC02499


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