Oman 2014-2015

Since the Barcelona-Dakar plan went bust due to bureaucracy complications, I checked the map for an alternative destination. Given the constraints on time, the clear preference for a warm destination, the absurd costs of flights to many destinations in this time of the year and my dislike for tourists overcrowding places I want to discover, the selection was not easy. After having visited many obvious destinations already, I had to dig a little deeper to find a place to discover during this Xmas-New Year holiday season. Some time ago I had read an article in Spiegel Online about a country in Arabia that was a) beautiful, b) explorable with free camping and c) safe: Oman. With some further research on Google, Youtube and Lonelyplanet, I found the destination for this year!

I didn’t post updates to keep friends and family updated on the trip like I did on past trips. 10 days was just too little time. It is sad to see how everybody here in Europe that I tell about this visit to an Arabian country asks me immediately about the security situation, about Islamic extremist danger and so on. And I must admit that as much as I looked forward to discovering a new country, I kept thinking about the potential risk of trouble with some jihadists or other crazy people. I kept telling myself that Oman is not Yemen, or worse. But the thought was always there. These are the two short posts with impressions that I wrote:

Oman – First Impressions

Oman 2014-2015

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